Eduard Bru Bistuer

Architect (ETSAB UPC, 1975). PhD Architect (ETSAB UPC, 1987). Professor of Architectural Design at ETSAB UPC, since 1991. Tenured Professor at ETSAB UPC, since 2011

Neus Lacomba Mongé

Architect (ETSAB UPC, 1992). Professor and Head of the International Workshop associated to the Master Course "The Large Scale. Architecture & Other environments ", UPC

Victor Setoain Perego

Architect (ETSAB UPC, 1994)

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We ofer architecture services at all scales of project, with the precise techniques and the most demanding certifications:
ISO 9001, EFITECNIC 2009 and ISO 14006 | Members of COAC, AXA, RIBA and Cambra d'Empreses de Serveis Professionals a la Construcció.