_To ensure the highest level of Architectural Quality for the projects undertaken, in order to respond to the growing demand for quality in a scene of high professional competence, and to achieve culturally significant results within the compliance of current legislation and regulations.

_ Commitment to the dedication of the necessary resources that ensure the Quality of the Technical Services based on the attention to the specific circumstances of each project. In this way, we reach optimal results with the fulfillment of the specific requirements that ensure clients’ satisfaction.

_ Complicity of all actors involved in the project. Without a high qualification of its members, cannot achieve a maintained quality in its production. An appropriate and updated professional preparation, as well as a clear working structure, stable and standardized, is considered essential.

_ Conscious, therefore, that people are the maximum value, to dedicate the necessary resources to ensure the Quality of a Human Team: highly motivated and integrated, professionally specialized, and provided with internal promotion paths, which appear clear and achievable. In the same way, we understand our external suppliers and partners as part of the production process, involving them in our quality requirements and continuous improvement.

_ To take one step further beyond the assurance of an ecological and environmentally friendly design, through the implementation of a system, which allows us to identify, to monitor and to continuously improve the Environmental Aspects of our projects, and /or services related to architecture, throughout its life-cycle. This system allows us to progressively adapt our design to the evolution of both techniques and regulations.

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We ofer architecture services at all scales of project, with the precise techniques and the most demanding certifications:
ISO 9001, EFITECNIC 2009 and ISO 14006 | Members of COAC, AXA, RIBA and Cambra d'Empreses de Serveis Professionals a la Construcció.